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Try & Buy

Because we believe in the quality of our product and know that you will be impressed by it, we made it easy for you to try & buy. 

Why try & buy policy

Naturally, customers are hesitant to buy a product online that they haven’t seen, touched, or tried on in person—especially when it comes to higher-end products or higher price points. The main reason is to give you the chance to experience the use and benefits of our product and decide for yourself.

Where can I try it?

For now, this is only available in Slovenia. Where you can rent the product for a day or a weekend and also try it out in some locations. But no worries. Our product Liquishot accompanies some teams like the LGS cycling team, Unior-Sinter team and some others, depending on the niche. Where you can find the team’s service area and try the product yourself.

Try & buy is for now ONLY available in Slovenia



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