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Rok Turk Collaboration

We are glad to announce a collaboration with professional rally driver Rok Turk


What does Rok have to say about our product:

Our profession requires a lot of travelling for training and races. After all activities maintenance must be done on a vehicle. We started using the Liquishot sprayer two years ago. It proved to be a great tool for our needs. It does not require a lot of space in our van while moving from one event to another.

We mostly use it to clean and impregnate car components and to wash the whole car between the races. It’s also effective to remove mud and gravel from parts like brake calipers gearboxes and differentials before they are rebuilt. Because we can use different water-based liquids with temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius allows us to use degreasers or even pump the fuel out of the car during maintenance. A huge benefit is that it does not require a power outlet or connection to a water supply network. You just insert the battery and fill a bucket with water, and you can freely move around the car because it’s small and lightweight, and it’s easy to use. We are proud that we were involved in this project since the beginning and this tool is really helpful for our line of work.


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