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Dimensions Vélo Review

“The following article/review about Liquishot was translated and adapted from Dimensions Velo page, author: Frédéric Iehl and published on 5th of August 2022.”

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Widely used on the professional circuit, high-pressure cleaners perform great services when used wisely, but you need a source of electricity and water. The Liquishot 25.3 is battery-operated and doesn’t take up much space.

Liquishot is a Slovenian brand and product, which is why we find Tadej Pogačar among its ambassadors, but most important are its assets. The high-pressure cleaner for the bike, Liquishot 25.3, is sold for € 690. At the moment a temporary offer with accessories is offered, but the price remains high.

However, it is a high-pressure cleaner (up to 25 bars) and pumps water up to 3 m high, whereas competing solutions offer low pressure (0.5 bars) and pumping up to 0.5 m. The difference in power will be noticeable with a bike covered in mud.

Autonomous or almost autonomous

A pressure sprayer with an integrated battery, a pump hose, and various cleaning nozzles is the Liquishot 25.3 high-pressure cleaner. It is 1.3 kg in weight and has a 5-hour operating time with water up to 60°. (at a medium setting and without pumping). The Liquishot 25.3 can either pump water directly from a container or be connected to a water supply hose. It can manage a variety of cleaning agents. Bosch batteries can also take the place of the original batteries. Quite comforting in terms of accessibility. It comes with a charger, battery, nozzle, and pumping filter in a case. The accessory kit also includes a foldable bucket, a pumping hose, and nozzles.

This is a significant investment, and you may need to add a jerry can to have water on the go. Once the ride is over, it can be very interesting on the field for gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bike riders. It can also be useful at home if there is no water or electricity for road cyclists.


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